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Porta-Nails 2" x 16 Ga T-Head Flooring Nails, (10) 1000 Packs

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 142661
  • Model Number: 42623

For the tightest floor possible choose the 2” x 16 Ga Porta-Nail by PNI. Porta-Nails are designed specifically for nailing tongue and groove wood floors using the Porta-Nailer and or Portamatic flooring installation tools This fastener has been the standard for close to 50 years and is recommended for use when installing 1/ 2 “ to 1” Solid wood flooring on a subfloor that is built with joists. The patent Porta-Nail offers the following features: Wide head wedge shaped design with well defined barbs which prevent the nail from backing out. A cupped point which enables the nail to cut through the wood thus minimizing the potential for splitting. These design features provide for the greatest impact and holding power to ensure that your floor lasts a lifetime. One pack of 1000 Porta-Nails will nail approximately 200 square feet of tongue and groove flooring. For use in Porta Nailer Models 401, 402, 501,410, 421 and 470. Caution: Do not use in any tool requiring an

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