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Porta-Nails 1-1/2" X 18 ga L Head Flooring Nails, 1200 Pack

  • Manufacturer: Porta-Nails, Inc.
  • SKU: 128358
  • Model Number: 41802

PNI’s 1-1/2 In. 18 gauge L Head Flooring nail is for use with PNI’s 418A Portamatic Evolution and with all brands of nailers using an 18 ga L Flooring nail /cleat. The 1-1/2 In. nail is recommended for use with 1/2 In. to 5/8 In. engineered, bamboo and solid hardwood floors. The 18 gauge nail is a thinner than the traditional 16 gauge nail and is effective in reducing the splitting of tongues on vertical and horizontal grain bamboo and exotic hardwoods. The thinner nail will also reduce the chance of dimpling engineered and thinner hardwood floors. Our nail has sharp serrated edges to bite into the flooring and a blunt tip to help reduce the risk of slitting the hardwoods. The nails are collated with tape and are packed 1200 per pack. Each pack will cover approximately 200 sq ft of 2-1/4 In. and 350 sq ft of 3-1/4 In. flooring when following a nailing schedule of 6 to 8 inches. Our nails are produced with the finest material and will hold up for the life of the floor

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